Beach In Bali


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Kuta beach,

formerly kuta beach was used as a trading port and many traders from outside Bali conduct business transactions here. In the 19th century, a merchant who came from Denmark named Mads Lange, set up trading places on this beach, because cleverness in trade and trade negotiations, Mads Lange famous among Balinese kings.

this beach before was the habitat of the green sea turtle and many people do not know this. The green turtle almost extinct and becoming one of the protected animals. Green turtle breeding has now been transferred to the Tanjung Benoa beach, if you want to see green turtles you can visit the turtle island in Tanjung Benoa

location Kuta beach is strategic, this beach become favorite place for domestic and foreigner traveler. The beach was once a traditional fishing village, now turned into a meeting place of people from different countries. Access to the beach is very easy to pass by motobike or car. Only 20 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport ,

kuta beach best place to learn surfing for beginner, this area provide many surfboards ready for rent and also experience intructure, walking down on on white sand of this beach in the evening you will see the stunning sunset


Because its one line to the beach of Kuta and Legian, this beach has the same characteristics, namely a sandy slope with flat contours and spacious, why this beach is given name a double six beach? Double six beach name is known to the people around after a discotheque named Double Six (66) built a few years ago. since it was located opposite with the beach then named a Double Six Beach.

there are many activities you can do at this beach such as strolling along the beach, surfing, and countur sloping beaches suitable for playing around water like beach volley or pretty swimming. but become a favorite among young people is enjoy exotic sunset while hanging out on the couch under colorful umbrellas belonged cafes that lined the beach


petitenget beach,

petitetenget beach,

Petitenget beach in a coastline with beaches of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak, the coastal areas have the typical characteristics and are almost the same. Equally present the beauty of the sunset, white sandy beaches, waves enough ideal for surfing. So that the beauty of all these beaches can be aligned

a wide range of activities you can do here, from a leisurely stroll in the morning, chatting over the soft white sand, surfing, sunbathing and watching the sunset at the end of the day. Attractions Petitenget beach is equipped with spacious parking facilities, food and drink stalls, wantilan in the parking lot, restrooms and a restaurant by the beach, not charged entrance fees, parking fees for vehicle only.


One of the beaches dubbed the most beautiful beaches in Bali is Canggu beach which is located in the village of Canggu, North Kuta. Even in the last 2013 years, Canggu beach included in the list of 100 best beaches in the world CNN and occupied the 39th position from the other beaches which is famous for its beauty like the beach Navagio Beach, Palau Island and others.

It is most desirable from the beach this is a very charming atmosphere sunset. There are few tourists come to see the beauty of the sunset from the beach Canggu

also you can choose water sports to fill your spare time on this beach. One of them is surfing. Waves on the beach is big enough to be a distinct advantage for those who like surfing.


dreamland beach,

Dreamland beach,

This beach has its own tranquility with a beachfront location in behind of the cliffs. Travellers who come to visit can rent long chairs equipped with a beach umbrella while sunbathing. There is also a direct lie on the sand beach, while reading a book or novel.

Other activities to do like swimming, walking around the edge of the beach, playing in the sand, or just lounging on the beach. Especially in the early afternoon, Dreamland beach area in Bali, was never empty of visitors. this beach also good place to do beach surfing.

Dreamland beach locations including Pecatu Village area, District of South Kuta, Badung regency. To reach this area took about 30 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport. Access Dreamland beach layout is very easy to pass with a motor vehicle.


Padang padang beach is the beach with characteristic cliffs with white sand and smooth. This beach is very popular not only in Indonesia but also in the whole world especially when the actress World class like Julia Roberts in a movie “Eat Pray Love” popularize this beach so that more and more tourists come to visit, because once the beach is only known by a few people just as well as the boats of the fishermen leaning.

Waves on the padang padang beach is well known to surfers, though looks fierce, the surf beach is not dangerous if it hits the shore, the waves for the surfers just be a bit to the center. In addition famous by the movie starring Julia Roberts, the beach is also host to the world series surfing competitions are held regularly every year.

visit in the afternoon until dusk waiting, you will undoubtedly witness the sunset is so beautiful with the light bouncing sunset at sea level with spectacular clouds


Like the bar where young people hang out, Single Fin nicely styled with designed style open-air cafe. Stunning location on a steep cliff to the beach Blue Point underneath. that called infinity view with unrestricted views lead to the open sea. Single Fin there are 3 floors with each overlooking the sea. The most western side is the most favorite place due open and there are many beautiful sofas and chairs. Here was the tourist feel at home for a long time.Single Fin also offers incredible sensation of hanging out in my opinion. You just select if want to drink and eat anything, everything is complete here. Delish anyway here take a girlfriend or friend who cried


The beach is in the call Suluban, in the language of Bali masulub have meaning running or passing under something while something over the heads of the so-called pasuluban. So why is called Sulubun beach because if you want going to beach it must first go through the cliff that resembles a cave or tunnel before it finally reached wide beach offers white sand and amazing a thundering wave.

additional, if you want to see the beautiful panorama Suluban coast from heights level, there is a wooden staircase untill the cliff provide By the manager of the beach, on top of a cliff made a sort of gazebo / posts from wood where visitors can watch the beautiful ocean views freely.

Distance to the beach is 34 km from Denpasar city and approximately 35 minutes when using a motor vehicle from Ngurah Rai Airport. To reach Suluban beach through the streets up hill and winding with an atmosphere charming views of the hills


Nyang Nyang beach is one of the beaches in the region Pecatu, this beach attraction is about 1 kilometer from the Pura Luhur Uluwatu, precisely in Pecatu Village, District of South Kuta, Badung, although the location is not far from the Pura Uluwatu, but it’s not much people know about this beach.

Nyang Nyang beach is quiet place for tourism in Bali because it is one of the hidden beaches in Bali, well, if you like the atmosphere of calm and quiet on the beach, the Nyang Nyang Beach is perfect for your visiting, the location of the beach is also close to several other beaches such as Karma Kandara Beach and green bowl beach, uniquely, not many tourists who know the exact location of Nyang Nyang Beach

Nyang Nyang beaches offers beautiful white sand typical beach in Bali with waves big enough become suitable for surfing, for you who do not like surfing, can also play on the beach anyway, shoreline at the beach Nyang Nyang long enough so you can walk way from one end to the other to spend the day.

going to this beach, we have to pass through hundreds of steps beforehand, approximately 500 stairs which we must pass to get to the beach, so prepare you physically before deciding on vacation to the Nyang Nyang beach


Bingin beach in Bali that need struggle to reach this place, this beach it was hidden place makes you need to pay attention to the directions carefully if you do not want to get lost.Located in the area of Pecatu district and become one of the best beaches there, then you need to come to this beach because occasionally suited for those who like the hidden beaches.

to reach this beach do need extra struggle, but it looks like those of you who do daily exercising it will not be difficult to get there, other things you need to consider is a fairly complicated access, Bingin beach is fairly beach not so crowded by visitors, even though the tourists are always on this beach. they prefer to rest in villas or bar, chatting with each other. The sand beach itself as the beaches of Jimbaran Pecatu is a white color with clear blue water.

sunset on the beach is very beautiful because it faces directly towards the west so while relaxing in the evening enjoy the sunset with friends, couples or families,There are several rental surfboard and the beach has waves were quite good but bingin beach is not the place for the pro surfer because they prefer the beach balangan and padang padang beach because the waves on the beach is not as good as of both beaches. but you can surf here just to learn.


Geger beach also known as the beach that produce a lot of seaweed in Bali. The waves were calm and the water is of blue color makes the atmosphere of the beach looked so calm and very reassuring, in the beach there is facilities for visitors who want to ride camels, typical desert animals. Camels were imported from Australia route along the Geger beach with duration less then 1 hour.kind of this adventure would certainly be a very interesting experience

A variety of activities that you can do in attraction beach Geger this, as the streets enjoying the beach atmosphere that is calm and peaceful with white sand, look at the activity of seaweed cultivation, visited the beautiful sunrise, sunbathing, canoeing or swimming to enjoy the fresh sea water, everything becomes entertainment and recreational experience that could bury any saturation.plan your tour in Bali by visiting Geger beach, including a number of other popular spots in the area of Nusa Dua.


One of the beautiful beaches in Bali is Nusa Dua beach, shoreline of the beach is very long, when it tide and the waves are nice then you can swim or just sunbathing, but also can surf because this beach has waves that are suitable for this exercise. This beach is not too crowded by visitors, so suitable for those who need serenity or enjoy with a family.

Nusadua beach located in BTDC area, the area has the best hotel in Bali also many supporting facilities such as spa center, restaurant, theater and golf. international meeting hall, the public visitors who do not use the facilities BTDC or just visiting attractions such as the beach allow enter this place freely.

At the eastern area lies the cluster of volcanic rocks is known as the Water Blow. This is one of the renowned coastal area of Nusa Dua. formation volcanic rocks located directly on the seafront making waves on the sea boomed and made a spectacular high bursts. if you are lucky to come in July, August and September in these month the waves blast a height of 20 meters. and people really enjoyed it. but be careful not too close to the edge of the cliff because of frequent accidents


benoa beach,

Benoa beach,

Tanjung Benoa beach is actually no less popular than Kuta beach, Legian beach and Jimbaran beach. this beach located on the south side of the island of Bali,the shape of this beach is tapered at the end of the beach But of course does not reduce the beauty of the beach. This beach is located about 15 km from Ngurah Rai International Airport and is about 40 minutes drive from Denpasar.

Tanjung Benoa beach has an interesting history. Before developed into a tourist spot, Tanjung Benoa beach is a small harbor in 1546 years. The harbor is used by traders from China to dock and sell ceramics typical of their country. While locals also sell works of Balinese to the merchant. This trade was to make some Chinese merchants at home and decided to settle in Tanjung Benoa. Since occupied by these traders then they made temple or monastery sizable in Tanjung Benoa Beach, the temple is called Vihara Caow Eng Bio. In addition you can also visit the temple Hindu temple namely Pura Dalem Tengkulung and Pura Segara Tanjung Benoa.

Now the beach become popular with water sport, such as banana boat, parasailing, jet ski, even from here you can visit the turtle island.


sanur beach,

Sanur beach,

Sanur beach is also called “sunrise beach” (sunrise), opposite of Kuta beach. Sanur beach is often used as the right choice to watch the sunrise because of its location in the east of the island of Bali, There is a segment in Sanur beach called Matahari terbit beach ( sunrise beach ) because this place presents a view of a beautiful sunrise. This makes Sanur beach into a very attractive tourist spot.

Sanur beach is often used snorkeling and diving, it has waves are quite calm. There is a dive and snorkeling sites are located not far from the beaches of Sanur. These dive sites can be used by anyone who has a different diving skills because of the condition of the terrain is friendly.

Some travel support such as hotels, restaurants and small cafes and art shops have been available along the coast. On the beach there are also the oldest hotel in Bali, it name the Ina Grand Bali Beach hotel located right on the waterfront. Not only that, along the coastline are also built some sort of pathway for pedestrians which is usually used as a jogging path by the foreign tourists and domestic tourists. The line was stretched to the south began to pass Shindu beaches, Karang beaches until Semawang beaches. Therefore visitors can exercise while enjoying the beautiful view of the beach in the morning.


Amed Beach in Karangasem regency in eastern area of Bali offers the beauty of the beach with the sunrise view, besides the beach Amed has a beauty of underwater life that you can enjoy when you are diving or snorkeling. On the beach there is a lake that is usually used as a place to practice diving. Domestic and foreign divers liked Amed Bali for their site of diving. Amed beah with colour black sandy beach, water is clear, have a wide range of marine life, coral reefs and other life. This has become a major attraction for tourists to dive at this beach.

If continued to walk down the Amed beach, you will arrive at the village of Jemeluk who have pieces – small pieces of coral gardens are very beautiful. Divers can use a boat to reach the village of Jemeluk.

There divers can see turtles, stingrays, coral sharks and a coral reef very beautiful depends on the depth of the dive. About 10 meters from the coast there is a framework Japanese patrol boats in World War II shipwreck. This location is used as dive tourist areas such as those in Tulamben Village.


Popularity Tulamben beach located at the eastern end of the island of Bali is not only limited in the homeland but also to the entire world. Every day at least hundreds of tourists from across the world come to Tulamben Beach. But most of them come for a special purpose, “dive“

The waters around Tulamben does have a very beautiful coral reefs, especially added with the ruins of a sunken warship which decades ago and is now transformed into a home for the more colorful and various other marine biota. If in most other places divers are normally transported in a boat to the middle of the sea but divers Tulamben quite a walk down the beach.


Lovina beach is known not only throughout Indonesia, but also to foreign countries. Evident from the number of foreign tourists who visited Lovina beach just to simply relax or enjoy all the beauty of nature at Dolphin Beach.

In this black sand beach, dolphins live freely in the sea Lovina. No fisherman who dared to catch the dolphin is to be sold because dolphins at Lovina beach has been protected by the local government legislation.

In addition to the dolphins, Lovina beach also has a natural beauty that is fantastic. Here, in addition, you can watch the dolphins interact,you can also enjoy the beauty of marine life with diving or snorkleing. You can watch a variety of colorful fish were pretty packed and friendly.


One of the hidden beach in the village of Pemuteran. Located in the northern part of the island of Bali, exactly in the district Gerokgak, Buleleng, Bali.

Here tourists usually sun bathing, reading. Quiet, not noisy with the sound of people selling, the voices of drunken tourists at the seaside or laughter that is too tight. Very different from the beaches famous bustling Bali.

This beach is maintained as such by the indigenous peoples of Pemuteran village. Its construction and its preservation for the participation of local communities, which is still thick with their custom.From the start of diving operators are restricted, the number of hotels, until the trader was constrained by the customs regulations. In this village there are only about 12 hotels. The rest is a homestay.

Yayasan Karang Lestari (Bali) with the “Coral Reef Reborn Pemuteran, Bali” was recently ranked second in the category of “Innovation in Non Govermental Organizations” at the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO / UN World Tourism Organization).