River in Bali

River is one of the natural sources of water that exist of this earth. Rivers can be used as an attractive place of recreation if the river can be managed properly.

Indonesia lately do a lot of go green campaign where the revitalization of the use of a dirty river into a more useful place.It can not be denied if the river has enormous benefits for human life.

On the island of Bali there are some rivers that serve as recreational objects in the form of rafting activity or commonly called white water rafting. rafting is a fresh water sport where we are brought across the river flow with the insistence of a large river flow that is able to trigger our adrenaline.

In sports rafting is not only necessary physical prime but also teamwork during the river flow  rushing to finish at the edge of the river

The island of Bali offers several areas that are a mainstay for the Government of Bali Province, in packing the river into a package of fresh water tour become very interesting.

In addition to the attention of government ,communities around the river flow is also required to maintain the sustainability of the river areas used as a place of rafting.  the existence of natural environment is a joint responsibility between the government and the community as a milestone in maintaining the natural habitat.

The rivers below is an example that the river is very useful for humans either as a source of drinking water, and as a means of recreation that can be an alternative choice for tourists who visit.

Here are 6 best places to do rafting sport that we can meet on the island of Bali




Ayung River is a place famous for  rafting tour, where the flow of this river is suitable to serve a place of good rafting sport in Bali. Route rafting trip that can be reached in the Ayung river is  far around 12 Kilometers.

During paddling we will be carried along the river Ayung stream with a loud rush of river currents that endlessly douse and wet our bodies.

Doing rafting exercise in this river must be accompanied by the instructor because the risk of rafting exercise is when we fall down from the boat we ride and collided with the rocks of the river of course that we do not want.

The risk of being squeezed between the rocks is also to be avoided. Therefore the presence of instructors who really experts we must use to accompany us and guide us during paddling along the river rafting.


The next reference is called Telaga Waja district . Telaga Waja river flow is one of the streams that can make us feel tense and make our adrenaline rush.

Water in Telaga Waja is known to be very clean, with a cool air along the route. total length of the rafting route in Telaga Waja river about 16 kilometers.

nice natural scenery along the river is very captivating and charming, because the atmosphere of the area that is still natural gardens and rice fields of local residents.

There are 3 waterfalls that we can encounter during the rafting along the river flow. So we’re really going to be spoiled with the adrenaline stunning ride.


Natural conditions in the river Melangit is also not less beautiful, typical rural scenery can hypnotize us with a dish of cool air that makes the body becomes fresh.

The length of the rafting route in this river is 7.5 kilometers. Not only the scenery of a waterfall that we can find here, birds chirping as well as forest animals along the river come to make us feel comfortable and truly – in an area free from noise and pollution.

Activities of local communities  around the river Melangit can also be seen during the  paddling trip in this river. The rushing of the river becomes a sensation of its own,  river water is pretty cold.


If you have ever heard of Tampaksiring Palace location, this Pakerisan river is the main river in the area. Tampaksiring Palace is very synonymous with the former first President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno.

The atmosphere along the rafting route in the Pakerisan river is very peaceful no frenetic noise disturbing. The length of the rafting route in the river Pakerisan along 4.5 kilometers.

River rafting here is not so hard  maybe we will be safer to avoid a kind of accident during rafting exercise along the river Pakerisan


The next reference is rafting along the Petanu river. The Petanu River is also known  have clear water. Several travel routes contain large boulders that might bother us a little while rowing a rubber boat.

The cleanliness of the Petanu river flow is greatly appreciated by the local community, as the community  aware that the Petanu river is used as  the tourist destinations in Bali. Some of the natural scenery such as steep cliffs we will also find during the flow along the river Petanu


Unda River is also used as one of the areas to carry out the best rafting tour package on the island of Bali. Unda River is located adjacent to Telaga Waja river. When compared with rafting places that we reviewed earlier rafting in the river Unda spelled out very new.This river basin is also beginning to be conserved by the local government as one of the destinations of water destination in Klungkung area.