Waterfalls ( Famous ) in Bali


Wana Ayu Waterfall

This waterfall is located in the village of Padang Bulia, Sukasada District Buleleng regency, Location of this waterfall not far from the settlement of villager houses, so easy to reach visitors. Dozens of stairs that adorn the road to the Waterfall with lush green trees make the atmosphere very natural. The sound of water falling between the rocks is very clear from the location of the park area.

The roar of a waterfall that has a height of about 35 meters and the depth of the pool only as high as adult waist it has a very beautiful and natural charm. Visitors who come will surely be tempted to bathe in Wana Ayu Waterfall because the water is clear, fresh and comes from the mouth of Gitgit waterfall. Wana Ayu Waterfall is still managed by the Wayan Sudami family who live not far from the location of the waterfall.

Wayan Sudami said, initially the location of the waterfall was not maintained at all, until finally he got a whisper to build a house near the waterfall location. Together with the children and his wife he began clearing the way to the waterfall. Little by little he with the family to make stairs to facilitate visitors to reach the location of the waterfall.

Aling aling Waterfall

In the area of northern Bali, or precisely in Buleleng Regency there is a famous waterfall has its own uniqueness and amazing natural panorama, its named the Aling-Aling Waterfall. Aling-Aling is one of the favorite waterfalls because in addition to the beauty and natural potential of the area, also its location adjacent to the center of the city crowd is Singaraja.

When heading to Aling-Aling Waterfall, visitors must pass two small waterfalls in a small river. Usually visitors will stop at the second small waterfall for a moment to rest and enjoy the beauty of nature around it. Then visitors also though down hundreds of stairs before finally arriving at this amazing tourist attraction. Fatigue and tired after going down the stairs as if not felt and paid off instantly by the sound of the sound of water that jumped from a height of about 35 meters. As it approaches, its voice grows louder, and little splashes of water will greet the body and face.

The location of this waterfall is surrounded by high cliffs and green trees reflecting that the area is still virgin from forest encroachment. The waterfall down is split into two parts with different water discharge. The waterfall on the right is bigger and bigger than the waterfall on the left. Nevertheless, they both provide an intriguing sensation and give a deep impression.

Tembok Barak Waterfall

started hits since late 2015 ago. The location is quite hidden to be the reason why tembok barak waterfall is just exposed to the media. Tembok barak Waterfall  like a shadow among others  Bali tourist object that have already been worldwide.

Why called Tembok Barak? So this the reason, the word “Tembok” means “wall”. While the word “barak” is taken from the Balinese language which means is red. So, tembok barak Waterfall is synonymous with Red Wall Waterfall. Why called “Red Wall”? Because the wall behind waterfall has red colour

located in Sambangan village Sukasada district,Buleleng, Bali. It takes about 30 KM from the city center, or takes about 1 hour to travel by private vehicle. A short enough time is`nt it? The important thing is to keep the safety.

Access to the location can be quite good and easy. Not only that, during the trip, you will also be treated to the surrounding nature view that is so reconcile. You will be taken through the countryside with a friendly greeting Sambangan residents, you will also be taken past where on the edge of the road filled with clove plants. In addition, you will also be treated to views of green rice fields and forests.

Tegenungan Waterfall

This place is actually called the waterfall Srongsongan, then why now known by the name of waterfall Tegenungan and there is a call as Blangsinga waterfall. because the tourist attraction in Gianyar can be accessed from two different places, from the west side of Banjar Tegenungan, Kemenuh Village, Sukawati Sub-district, so that residents in this region call it as the waterfall of Tegenungan.

While now there is a new access that is also made by the villagers Saba, towards this waterfall Srongsongan, from the East side that is through Banjar blangsinga, Saba Village, District Blahbatuh, so that people here know as Blangsinga waterfall. Waterfalls that flow in the river Petanu is indeed located on the border between Banjar Tegungan and Blangsinga .

The waterfall object of Tegenungan is not so high, only about 15 meters, however the water discharge is big enough, the rumbling of Petanu river water is already heard from a distance. The water is clear, so if you get closer, can feel the waterfall Tegenungan, water vapor flying over the visitors’ faces plus the beauty of the rock cliffs, the river flow, adding a natural impression, can be the best photo object on your tour.

Kroya Waterfall

Kroya Waterfall Located in Sambangan Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng regency-  Bali. About 15 Minutes from Singaraja City 2.5 hours from Denpasar City you can visit Kroya Waterfall. Actually not only 1 waterfall in this area but there are 7 Waterfall.

Among of them are air Terjun Pucuk (Pucuk Waterfall), Air Terjun Terjun Kembar (Kembar Waterfall), Air Terjun Aling Aling (Aling Aling Waterfall), Air Terjun Canging (Canging Waterfall), Air Terjun Kroya (Kroya Waterfall), Air Tenjun Dedari (Dedari Waterfall) dan Air Terjun Cemara (Cemara Waterfall).

This waterfall has a height of about 10 mater. Here you can play a slide or sladding in the flow of Croatian Waterfall. You can also keep pamper around the waterfall.

Kroya Waterfall is suitable for playing water, not just looking or just playing under the waterfall but we can sladding safely but still be careful. Location of this waterfall after you pass Aling Aling waterfall about 30 minutes away.

 Tibumana Waterfall

Tibumana waterfall, looks unique and beautiful, at any time depending on the flow of water, the flow of water there are two, located side by side, presents beautiful natural scenery, also known as twin waterfalls. The water discharge of both waterfalls is not always the same, one of them sometimes smaller and even stop flowing, so sometimes we can watch a pair of waterfalls and sometimes only one waterfall. In certain seasons as in the rainy season the water flow of the two waterfalls is more stable. In the vicinity of this tourist place is still beautiful and still virgin, unspoiled so t feel of peace, perfect to cool off, refresh and keep away from the crowd city

Tibumana waterfall is located on a curved cliff plane like being in a circle, about 20 meters behind the waterfall there is a narrow cave that supposedly translucent to Goa Raja in Besakih temple area but no one has proved the truth. Tibumana waterfall used to be a place to bathe, even had made a place to change clothes. However, because the place is considered as a place of watering (bath) niskala, then visitors are not allowed to bathe here, and by residents are saved. Visitors must abide by the rules in place if they do not want something undesirable.

Pool shelter under the waterfall also looks quite deep, evident in the dark blue color under water signifies deep enough. The meaning of the word “tibu” itself means a puddle or deep river trench. The natural surroundings are beautiful, the trees grow shady, herbaceous plants visible attached to the cliff wall, cliffs around the flow of waterfalls overgrown by moss, so the natural green beautiful, the former avalanches are still visible in this place, so need be aware especially in the rain season .

Dusun kuning Waterfall

There is another natural tourist attraction in Bangli district that has not been so famous and still rarely people who visit it but has a beauty that is very charming and full of peace that is the tourist attraction kuning waterfall. This waterfall is located in dusun kuning area so by visitors call the waterfall with the name of Waterfall Dusun Kuning. Waterfalls dusun kuning is located in Desa Taman Bali, Bangli Regency, Bali.

To access the Kuning Waterfall Tourist Site is very easy because the location is not s far from the villager houses. If you come from the area of Ngurah Rai Airport can pass through  Ida Bagus Mantra By Pass through JalanTol Bali Mandara and By Pass Ngurah Rai first. On the road By Pass Ida Bagus Mantra will later find the intersection to the siyut beach. If you turn right will go to Siyut Beach, then drive your vehicle turn left to go to Tulikup Highway. From Jalan Raya tulikup drive your vehicle to Bali Raya Highway (highway to Nusa Park). Follow the path to the Taman Bali Village. If you have arrived at Taman Bali which is about 3 km from Bangli City, there will be a T-junction. You have to take the right and follow that path to a fork again, near the “NON MIN” drinking water factory. Then turn right up to the end of the road near the residential area. Well, from there live walk to the location about 300 meters distance, it will meet Waterfall Dusun Kuning

To get to the location of the waterfall you have to pass the clove farm fields belonging to the local. You must be careful to get to the location because it must pass through steep cliffs with dozens of stairs are still natural. The natural scenery before reaching the location is very beautiful  with a verdant green dwellers, so you will not feel tired even though the field is quite extreme.

Dusun Kuning Waterfall has a height of approximately 30 meters above the Tukad melangit river surface which flowing southward into a barrier between Klungkung and bangli regency. Dusun kuning Waterfalls never subsided even though the dry season because the nature around it is still protected and natural. The beauty and naturalness of the waterfall is caused by this waterfall has not been touched many people, especially the local people who adhere to the norms and teachings of his belief to preserve and preserve nature, in addition to the nature of the waterfall is due to the location and place a bit remote and hidden so that not many people who knows the existence of this waterfall, but this waterfall is so beautiful.