Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tour

Batur Sunrise Trekking Tour

MOUNT BATUR is an active volcano that draws tourists in with both beauty and promise of Bali Adventure Tours. We offers climb Mount Batur Bali to enjoy an unforgettable sunrise from the top of an active volcano. Spectacular scenery and the vibration of the sacred earth filling your mind and soul as you served by tasty morning breakfast cooked by the steam of the active volcano.

On the way home from the trek we will stop off at a Traditional Bali Coffee Processing or Bali Agretour, a place to see various Tropical plantations and see how to make Balinese coffee in very traditional process and we also get to sample of them as well as local herbal teas, coffees and the unusually processed Coffee Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world.



-Pick up at your hotel 03.00 – 04.00 AM (depend of your hotel in Bali) and direct to Jati temple as mt. Batur trekking starting point.
-Arrival at starting point, introduction and safety procedure briefing by our experience professional hiking guide (association of mount Batur trekking guides).
04.00 – 04.30 AM
-Begin our climb / trek to Mount Batur Bali 04.30 AM
-Continue our climb / trek to the summit crater. 04.45 AM
-Arrival at the summit crater, where we witness the spectacular view and sunrise. While there we enjoy refreshments of eggs boiled in volcanic steam 05.45 AM
-Continue our trek around the entire crater 07.15 AM
-Begin our descent to Jati Temple, the finishing point of our trek. 08.00 AM
-Arrival at Jati Temple and board car
-Take bath at Natural Hot spring pool in Toya Bungkah
-Stop off at a Balinese Coffee plantation
-Return arrival at your hotel

RATE: USD 49 / pax (minimum 2 pax)

• Pick up and return transfer to your hotel by air conditioned car
• An profesional English speaking and private trekking guides
• Entrance Fee to Kintamani Area
• Parking fee
• Light breakfast will be served on the peak of Mount Batur
• Mineral water
• Flashlights

• Hiking shoes
• Jacket
• Long pants
• Camera

• Ubud : 02:30 AM
• Sanur : 02:00 AM
• Kuta , Legian & Seminyak : 01.30 AM
•Nusa Dua : 01.10 AM


Hiking in Munduk village

Munduk Village Hiking

Hiking in Munduk village should be on top of your list if you love hiking in a lush tropical paradise. The area has been designed for this kind of activity and here are at least 12 hiking trails you can choose. Some of these Munduk hiking trails are easily carried out with a local guide to have background information about the area, which is easily arranged in Munduk village.

It is great to have someone with you who is sort of a walking encyclopedia so that it is not necessary for you to flip through specialized guide books by yourself. Please don’t worry about the cost, it’s just about $25 USD for an experienced English speaking guide that last for 2 until 3 hours. The guide will take you along the “Loop Track” which starts in Munduk village and then take you passing villages, their plantations into the mountains of Munduk. The highlight of the track is the two waterfalls namely Red Coral and Laangan. The hike is not that intensive, only the steps up will make you sweaty. Besides plants and herbs, the guide will provide you information about how was Munduk in the past, all the developments and eco initiatives that have occurred.

If you would like to go hiking around Munduk, here are the 12 hikes offered:

1. Red Coral (“Tanah Barak” in Balinese language) Waterfall Trek, lasts 2 hours, easy level. Its highlights are cloves, vanilla, avocado and Bali coffee plantations and Red Coral Waterfall.
2. Loop trek that contains a number of waterfalls in Munduk, last 2 until 3 hours, moderate level. Its highlights are Red Coral waterfall, walking along small river bank and Laangan Waterfall which is the highest one in Bali.
3. Environmental trek combining waterfall and rice fields, last 3 until 4 hours, easy level. Its highlights are Red Coral waterfall, walking along small riverbank to Dayang village and rice field views.
4. Inter Village trek, lasting for 4 until 5 hours, moderate level. Its highlights are the biggest and oldest banyan tree in Bali, to Bolangan for terraced rice field views.
5. Stone Water Spring Trek, lasting for 3 until 4 hours, easy to moderate level. Its Highlights are Batumejajah settlement where water comes out of stones, coffee, vanilla and clove plantations, rice terraces and Balinese villages.
6. Dutch colonial trek, lasting for 4 until 6 hours, challenging level. Its highlights are Pesanggrahan where the first guest house in Bali was founded in 1906, Balinese villages with rice terraces, coffee and clove plantations, Lake Tamblingan and alternative hiking route or transfer by car to Munduk.
7. Subak trek (“subak” is a traditional Balinese water distribution system), lasting for 2 until 3 hours, easy level. Its highlights are Subak Suradadi, herbs and spices, Dayang village, traditional tunnel and public bathing place.
8. Mendaum Riverside trek, lasts for 3 to 4 hours, moderate level. Its highlights are by car to Mundukan Tingkih village, walking along river banks, Laangan waterfall which is the highest one in Bali.
9. Tropical Fruit trek, lasting for 3 to 4 hours, moderate level. Its highlights are by car to Bestala village, visiting nearby villages, traditional genggong music (based on request). In Kayu Putih village there is ancient sarcophagus or pre-historic sandstone coffins and several fruits in season in which the best time is to visit is in November to January.
10. Inter Lake Trek, last for 2 until 4 hours, moderate level (in which transport and canoe are not included). Its highlights are by car to Lake Buyan, a vegetable and strawberry plantation center, temples, Telaga Aya which is the canal connecting Lake Buyan with Lake Tamblingan.
11. Historical Trek, lasting for 3 to 4 hours, moderate level. Its highlights are route of the ancient Majapahit expeditions, visiting ruins, Lake Tamblingan, transfer by car to Munduk.
12. Balinese patriots long march trek, lasting for 3 to 4 hours, moderate level. Its highlights are route through mountain posts of the Balinese patriots who confronted the Dutch in 1945-1950, Balinese villages and plantations, view of the oldest and biggest banyan tree in Bali.


If you really would like to get away from the crowds of modern life, heading to the mountain village of Munduk and stay at this retreat surrounded by gardens and panorama of mountains is a great choice. Swimming pools are also available here. If you enjoy Munduk why not take it up a notch and go climbing up to the peak of Mount Abang, Mount Batukaru, Mount Batur or Mount Agung.



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